A note from Director Donna Blatt Ervin

Summer Classes at Modern Dance Technique

Summer is a great time to take class whether you are a serious year round student, a new dancer curious to see what goes on in a modern dance class or someone who hasn’t danced in a while and wants to get back into top form!

We have classes for every age and experience level.

For the youngest dancers starting at age 3 ½ through kindergarten; Creative Movement provides the opportunity to use movement for personal expression. It introduces early dance moves in a traditional class setting. Exploring shapes, size, tempo, pathways and rhythm allows the dancers to explore the world around them through movement. Basic dance exercises are learned as the youngest dancers celebrate their growing bodies and expanding movement repertoire!

Introduction to Modern and Modern Dance I build upon the concepts presented in Creative Movement. The dancers are encouraged through movement exploration to discover new ways of moving their bodies while gaining strength and learning basic dance technique.

All technique classes include floor work, technique exercises in the center such as foot work, swings, jumps, turns, leaps and movement combinations across the floor.

Modern II through Advanced keeps building on previous movement concepts. More difficult and technical exercises are added as the dancers begin to develop their artistry. Advanced dancers are provided with enrichment workshops with master teachers and performance opportunities. Teens dance allows the older beginner to learn dance technique at a level suitable to their physical and emotional maturity.

Modern Dance Technique specializes in the traditional modern dance techniques of Martha Graham, Lester Horton and Jose Limon as well as current contemporary and post- modernmovement principles recognized for quality dance training.

Summer dance classes includes Pilates for Dancers which greatly assists in core strengthallowing for stronger technique. Composition is for the serious dance students who want to learnhow to choreograph thoughtful, engaging movement.

Our dedicated instructors include director Donna Blatt Ervin, teaching Creative Movement and all levels of technique; Amy McDonnell, MFA in Choreography and Performance, certifiedPilates instructor; teaching all levels of technique, Pilates and Composition; and Ivy Farrell BA in Dance and alumna of MDT teaching all levels of technique. Summer teaching staff also includes other alumna of MDT currently working or studying at higher levels in the dance field, who happily return to join us as guest teachers.

All students who include dance class as part of their summer activities are rewarded with greatgains in their dancing abilities and fun times with old and new friends in our studios. Every student who attends finds themselves inspired with a renewed love of dance and they are always eager to come back to classes in the fall as well as the next summer session.

Class Schedule