052113 Modern Dance Technique-2


Our 24th year of classes at Modern Dance Technique will begin on October 6, 2014

With most of our students returning for another year of Modern dance, this year is sure to be inspiring and fun for all! All levels of classes will learn exercises and movements based on Graham, Horton and Limon techniques as well as movements based on innovative developments in exercise and contemporary dance training.

This year’s course offerings include Introduction to Modern Intermediate for ages 6-8, Modern I/II for dancers 8-11 with some previous movement training, Modern IV for the intermediate level dancer ages 13 and older, and Advanced Modern for dancers 14 and older with substantial training in Modern or Ballet.

Our Advanced level dancers will also have opportunities to study with some of most talented guest teachers and choreographers in our area. Returning instructor Amy McDonnell and other guest choreographers will create new repertoire for our upcoming season.

In addition to performing at our yearly recital in June at the Majestic theatre, this year all of the dancers enrolled in MDT will perform at our Studio on the Second floor; Works in Progress. A bi- annual open house presented in the Spring invites parents, friends and any interested community members to a demonstration of class work, short dances and excerpts of this year’sconcert repertoire.

After 24 plus years, I am still truly inspired to continue the training of interested and dedicated students. Each year our dancers evolve, deepening in their knowledge of technique and discovering the many possibilities of movement. I am gratified to accompany them on their journey to dance and always happy to have new students join us and discover their love of Modern dance.